About Us



Proud to be a family-owned business that maintains the workmanship, agility, value and service of a small business, while delivering the quality and reliability required for large scale contracts. 



Exceeding our customer’s expectations and building creative and innovative relationships has been the focus since the business was started, and it will continue to be Campeyn Group’s focus long into the future. 



Campeyn Group pride ourselves on being able to provide a service that is tailored to our clients needs. 

History of Campeyn Group


The Beginning

Campeyn Group was established by David Peynenborg in 1987 with the purpose of being a plumbing maintenance company servicing the South East suburbs of Melbourne. 

First Contract

Campeyn’s first contract in 1987 was with the Public Works department to provide programmed and emergency maintenance to all gas services in schools, courthouses, police and fire stations in the South East region. 


In 1988 Campeyn was awarded the Plumbing Maintenance contract for the City of Springvale, a contract that Campeyn has expanded on and still holds (now with the City of Greater Dandenong). 

Adding Capabilities

In the early nineties Campeyn continued to add to its capabilities in response to our clients need for a reliable contractor to supply maintenance services and to deliver construction projects. 


Campeyn has experienced substantial organic growth gaining maintenance and building contracts with local governments, schools and the health sector. 


We are able to offer our clients a true partnership in service delivery. This includes a low risk tailored service that utilizes our own tradesman and accredited systems.