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What it means to be a 'Campeyner'


We actively promote a positive culture in the workplace

Our culture is all about:

  • Making long lasting client relationships because we help them succeed however they measure success
  • Building trust and having personal responsibility in all relationships by actively listening, following through and keeping our word
  • Caring about other people that work here and the community we live and operate in
  • Improving the way we manage and operate all aspects of our business every day

We invest in our people

Our staff receive training year-round to ensure they are competent and compliant.

1% of our business revenue is spent each year to ensure we look after our people. 

At Campeyn, we believe that our people are our business

Investing in our people is the way that we succeed. We are focused on hiring the best people, upskilling all employees and contributing positively to the local communities in which we operate. 

Why I'm proud to be a 'Campeyner'

Leigh Dunstan - Operations Manager

I love coming to work each day.

Campeyn has a culture of constantly driving for a better way of doing things, and because of this we have attracted some amazing people to the company.

We have fantastic leaders which makes us all feel like we are working for each other and our clients - not for a corporate.

Personally, Campeyn has sponsored my sailing and I am really proud of how are giving back to the community and embracing employee health - most notably getting the conversation started around mental health.