Collaborative Approach to Facilities Management

As your FM provider we do not underestimate the critical part we play in ensuring the facilities and surrounding areas are in optimal condition to help ensure you feel comfortable, supported and at ease.

Our collaborative approach to facilities management service delivery will offer support, providing safe, compliant and fit-for-purpose properties through aligned collective goals.

Skilled Mobile Facilities Team

Our teams are highly trained and understand when to step forward for important jobs, and when it’s more appropriate to merge into the background. We have a strong vision and values which reinforces the need for behaving with drive, conviction and respect.

Campeyn has a large in-house workforce of diverse tradesmen to support jobs of all types. Our resources are experienced, pre-qualified and reliable. We manage our mobile workforce using a market leading cloud-based platform to efficiently allocate pre-qualified resources to jobs and swiftly manage workflows designed around the unique operating environment for each sector.