Our Team

As a family owned business, our leadership team of David, Ben and Rachael Peynenborg look forward to the opportunity to bring economic growth and upskilling to our clients. 


David Peynenborg - Director

As founding member of the Campeyn Group, David started Campeyn Plumbing in 1987. Today he oversees Campeyn's operations. As a qualified plumber and registered commercial builder with over 35 years of experience behind him, David maintains a hands‐on approach to his role as director. 


Ben Peynenborg - General Manager

Ben has 10+ years experience working with local governments. With qualifications in Building and Construction and Safety Management, he leads an experienced team of Campeyn employees for both Facility Management and Construction projects.


Rachael Peynenborg - Manager People, Systems and Culture

Rachael brought her management skills to Campeyn in 2004. Since then she has completed studies in OHS & Auditing at Swinburne University after identifying Campeyn’s need to focus on this side of the business. Rachael has a keen eye for detail, a sound knowledge of contracts and advanced communication and reporting skills.